The capability causes the server to add a message tag to messages sent by a user who is currently identified to the services account that corresponds to the user's current nickname.

The tag MUST be named and specifies no value.

The tag MUST be added by the ircd to all commands sent by a user (e.g. PRIVMSG, MODE, NOTICE, and all others) and numeric replies sent on behalf of the user.


Consider that I am identified to the glguy services account and I have also grouped the glguy_ nickname to that account. These are the expected results from chatting with friend as glguy, glguy_, and notme. :glguy PRIVMSG friend :hi, friend. :glguy_ PRIVMSG friend :I'm using my alt.
:notme PRIVMSG friend :This isn't my nickname.

Relationship to other extensions

This extension works in tandem with account-tag. While account-tag always specifies the user's canonical services account name, identify-msg provides information about the user's current nickname.